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Melanie Spring speaking

I’m hellbent on amplifying YOUR voice

Let’s do it together!

Hi! I'm Melanie Spring. I'm an international keynote speaker and I started my speaking career by accident. 

When I was a full-time brand strategist, I was asked to speak at a local credit union about branding. When I was done, I noticed that speaking helped me get more clients than any of my other marketing. It put me in front of the people who needed me - closer than any newsletter or social media post ever could.

More than a decade later, I’m now a full-time international keynote speaker with a focus on brand storytelling. I’ve been on thousands of stages in front of hundreds of thousands of people making more money than I ever expected to make.

Except that I don’t do it for the money - I do it because I love watching light bulbs turn on above people’s heads. I love the hugs they give me afterward. I love the little notes three years later that say my talk was the thing that changed everything for them.

My mission is to amplify voices - and I’m hell-bent on doing that any way I can. From stage, through my speaker training program, and via webinars. 

11% of people finish online courses.

100% of Rockstars finish SPEAK With Confidence.

Because we give you the accountability you’re looking for.

My Crew & I want to amplify one-million voices by 2025. You are one of those voices we’ve been waiting for.

So, we’ve decided to make it easier than ever to write the talk you’ve always wanted to write. Or fine-tune the one you already have. Or even see if speaking is for you.

I invite you to join us for the SPEAK With Confidence 90-Day Challenge so you can write the talk you’ve been putting off for too long. With accountability AND community.

Stop waiting. Start writing that dang talk.

You want to FEEL confident

in front of your boss, your team, your audience, your church, your class - everywhere.

Join the only 90-Day Challenge that will get you feeling your most confident when speaking in front of one person or thousands. The SPEAK With Confidence challenge was specifically designed to help you craft and deliver a talk of any size to anyone with YOUR voice in under 90 days.

You’ll learn where to hunt for your stories, how to define your personal brand, what you need to have in order to keep your audience listening, and the steps to putting your talk together. Then you’ll find out how to remember your talk without memorizing it, how to write your bio and talk description to grab attention, and how to practice without standing in front of a mirror.

Let’s explore the 90-Day Challenge together!
Go at your own pace starting today
or join us for the next live challenge starting April 21.


KICKOFF LIVE COACHING CALL (upgrade required - April 21, 2021 at 11am ET)
  • Get all of your ideas out in a judgement-free space
  • Catalog your IP
  • Organize your ideas into story buckets
  • Follow the thread to your big idea


LIVE COACHING CALL (upgrade required - April 28, 2021 at 2pm ET)
  • Define your niche and methodology
  • Get clear on why your big idea will change the world
  • Dive deeper into how your big idea will inspire action
  • Make your idea simple & impactful


  • Understand your personal brand and how you show up
  • Define the brand you want & become the person you look up to
  • Create the dictionary for your personal brand
  • Write the talk the same way you would speak it


LIVE COACHING CALL (upgrade required - May 10, 2021 at 5pm ET)
  • Data - Finding the patterns
  • Impact - Making a splash
  • Story - Sharing the feelings
  • Humans - Knowing your audience


  • Start writing the outline for your talk
  • How to use your talk outline
  • Outline your talk with bullet points (or crayons)


LIVE COACHING CALL (upgrade required - May 24, 2021 at 11am ET)
  • Write out your whole talk and read it out loud
  • Dive deeper into structure and repetition
  • Keep reading & tweaking before you start memorizing


  • Get the talk into your head
  • Practice, practice, practice


LIVE COACHING CALL (upgrade required - June 9, 2021 at 2pm ET)
  • Get the talk into your bones
  • Go from 20 points down to 5
  • Get ready for a demo video
  • Create your short talk


  • Write a clear & simple talk description
  • Make your talk title stand out from the rest
  • Create your long-form bio
  • Create a bio people will want to read to introduce you


LIVE COACHING CALL (upgrade required - June 21, 2021 at 5pm ET)
  • Prep your space for practice
  • Practice, practice, practice


  • Learn how to use the stage, your voice and your body
  • Practice some more
  • Make some final tweaks to your talk & presentation
  • Practice some more


LIVE COACHING CALL (upgrade required - July 7, 2021 at 11am ET)
  • Share your talk via video in the Rockstars Group
  • Rock the heck out of your talk!
  • LIVE ROCKSTARS:  Get ready to share your talk on our Live Coaching Call


LIVE COACHING CALL-EBRATION! (upgrade required - July 14 2021 at 2pm ET)
  • Share your wins and love with your fellow Rockstars
  • Tell us your dreams and get ready to make them reality

They say: Public speaking is HARD.

I ask: But what if it was EASY?

There are all sorts of public speaking programs out there. I’ve been through some of them and felt terribly unsafe. Some teach you how to sell from the stage. Others show you how to act. I never found one that teaches you how to be YOU on stage.

“You have to do this and say that to be a good public speaker or you’ll be broke, dirty, and living under a bridge.” - Those Guys

NO WAY! Most trainers teach you how to be someone else on stage. They teach you how to follow a process - a plan - or a system that has been tested - that “works every time.”

Except none of it worked for me. And it doesn’t work for anyone who doesn’t want to become a robot. The thing is: I don’t want to work with anyone who needs an exact process or system. I won’t create robots. AND I won’t teach anyone how to do it “my way.”

“Don't be a 'speaker.' Be you.” - Melanie Spring

You’ll be ready for the stage in 90 Days

And you’ll be celebrating with all your new friends

90 days from now, you’ll have a fully written AND practiced talk ready to deliver to any stage. I know - it feels completely impossible, but it will happen.

90 days from now, you’ll have a talk title and description that gets conference organizers to bring you to their audiences and an introduction for them to read about you as you get on stage.

90 days from now, you’ll be more aware that stories are everywhere. That you have a lot more to say than you ever believed. That you are going to impact humans at work, at home, and on stage.

90 days from now, you’ll have a community of supportive humans who love you and want you to do your best work in the world. They’ll cheer you on, give you feedback, and give you ideas in a safe space without judgment.

90 days from now, you won’t recognize the person in your mirror. You’ll be more confident, more thoughtful, and more aware of your words and movements. You’ll be ready to share the message you were meant to share.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Here’s what our Rockstar Alumni says about their experience and results: 

Kristin Darga
“This is one of those programs that is on par with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and Marie Forleo’s B-School. Different, and yet I would say more exceptional. The quality is high and value, priceless - a masterpiece and dynamic program that allowed me to find the next stage of my speaking career.”
- Kristin Darga, Founder & CEO, Impact Founder™
Ryan Owens
“SPEAK With Confidence super exceeded any and all of my expectations. I thought I would just go and learn how to craft and deliver a talk but I learned so much more. It pushed me to think and act outside of my comfort zone in a loving and genuine atmosphere. This experience is definitely in my Top 5 Most Amazing Moments of my life!!!”
- Ryan Owens, Assistant Vice President Business Control-Fraud Operations, Synchrony
Todd Palmer
"SPEAK With Confidence was an amazing experience for me… it challenged me to own my story and allowed me to grow from within by being comfortable with my vulnerability and transparency in front of an audience"
- Todd Palmer, Business Coach, Extraordinary Advisors
Rachel Downey
“Whether you want to write your first keynote or if you are an experienced speaker who wants to take their delivery to the next level, SPEAK With Confidence is unequivocally the best (and most fun) journey to get you confident in front of a crowd and ready to bring your important message to the world! 
- Rachel Downey, Founder & CEO, Business Guide for Wayward Entrepreneurs
Jessa Woodword
“The SPEAK With Confidence coursework and Rockstar Community interaction was deeply introspective - and the retreat experience was very transformative personally and professionally! The return on investment to my organization was immediate upon my return from the retreat!”
- Jessa Woodward, MPH, CHES, REHS, CP-FS, Environmental Health Services

The biggest question you have now is:

How much time is this going to take me?

I know you’re busy, so I’ve spread 7 chapters over 13 weeks with a 90-Day Plan. You can even upgrade to get 8 live group coaching calls  (watch live or grab the replays.)

Every week of the Challenge will take you no more than an hour to complete - unless you want to give it more time. Think about that: you put in 12 hours of work in the next 3 months and you’ll have a talk fully written and practiced for a webinar, presentation, or talk. It’s that simple.

Block off an HOUR a week to:

Step 1: Read the chapter or section. 
Step 2: Complete the exercises in that chapter or section.
Step 3: Share what you’re learning with the Rockstar Community.
Step 4: Get one step closer to your talk.
Step 5: Celebrate with the other Rockstars on this journey with you.

We’ve created this 90-Day Challenge based on everything we’ve learned from gobs of feedback from our Rockstar Alumni. We know this works because it’s already working for those who have gone before you. And they didn’t get a Challenge to follow. Just think what you can do with a whole bunch of additional support!

AND there's even access to the Set the Stage Virtual Summit and one-on-one training to dive deeper with experts on exactly what you're learning. We'll be bringing in the best in the biz and make sure you have access to them for all of your questions, ideas, and enthusiasm.

Hi! I’m Melanie Spring.

I’m an international keynote speaker & brand storyteller.

See why people love working with me on stage & off.

Noel Parsons

“Melanie took the stage and topped off the opening day better than I could have ever hoped for. The audience was super pumped up for her presentation, the room was full of energy and the line to speak with her after was longer than any other I’ve seen before. She’s a wonderful, hip, friendly, confident, and unique individual. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

- Noel Parsons, MiSHRM State Conference Director, Strategic Services Group
Ati Okelo Williams

“SPEAK With Confidence was an incredible experience. I was more comfortable doing more conversational public speaking (TV, Panels etc.), but Melanie helped me ease into prepared speaking. My brainstorming session with Melanie helped me identify what worked out as a great topic that I am passionate and knowledgeable about. I was 'called out' for not fully going out there. I took Melanie’s advice, and left my heart, my fear and self-judging on the stage, and I became a much, much better speaker for that.”

- Ati Okelo Williams, Residential Real Estate Development and Construction, Angel Investor, HGTV Host, DC Flippers.
Michelle Lim Warner

“Melanie Spring has a way with words. She listens intently to what you want to say and helps you shape those words into expressions that others will hear -- AND BE INSPIRED. Melanie presents herself as an approachable badass, because, well, she is.”

- Michelle Lim Warner, co-founder and CEO, DCanter 
Susan Bullwinkle

“Shortly after hearing Melanie speak I decided to pivot my career, and I knew I had to work with her! I got executive mentorship, coaching and honestly the best of a counselor. And, I found a friend. Melanie’s outlook on life is uplifting, and goal worthy. She helped me find my path and I found myself looking at my future with purpose and excitement!”

- Susan Bullwinkle, Regional Vice President, EVOTEK

You’re READY! I can feel it.


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or I’ll give your money back.

*I only want to work with humans willing to put in the work. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30-day Money Back Guarantee for this 90-Day Challenge, you must submit proof that you did the coursework to that point and it did not work for you. If you do not include your completed coursework before 11:59pm EST on the 29th day after your purchase, you'll just have to keep going.

This is your MOMENT of GLORY!

Do it now or forever hold your tongue.

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