Set The Stage Summit
Set The Stage Summit
The most confident (and comedic) public speaking virtual summit on the planet
The most confident (and comedic)
public speaking summit on the planet

We pull back the curtain so you can get your act together.

"I laughed my ass off AND left with thought-provoking ways to improve my talk from a variety of speakers each with unique expertise!" - Thomas McMillan, CEO

Sign up for the Summit replay & get:

  • 6 hours of entertainment AND speaker training
  • 20 short videos to watch at your own pace including:
  • ​5 unique talks & takeaways from stage professionals
  • ​5 comedy bits by professional comedians
  • ​3 story sessions by professional storytellers
  • ​3 live training sessions with real audience members
  • ​2 full-length pre-summit sessions on comedy & story
  • ​Live Q&A session with speakers
  • ​Live shoutouts from audience members
  • ​Lifetime access to all of the recorded sessions
 Get everything you need to engage your audience, build your personal brand, find your own sense of humor, and build a talk that sounds just like you for just $247!

Get YOUR act together

Comedy + Acting + Speaking

Public speaking can be scary for even the most seasoned professional. Getting up in front of our peers, our coworkers, or an audience of strangers takes courage, guts, and bravery. Yet we do public speaking every single day - even just to our significant others, kids, or colleagues.

So, why is speaking so scary if we do it all the time?

We put a title on it - "public speaking" - and feel like we have to be "a speaker" on stage. We move like PowerPoint robots, speak "like a speaker,' and pace the stage to keep the nerves out.

When I started thinking about putting together a Virtual Summit for everyone from international keynote speakers to someday-maybe-wannabe speakers, I knew I had to bring in the best of the best. The best public speakers out there - the ones who have to OWN their stages. And that's exactly what I did.

I searched far and wide for the best comedians, actors, and storytellers to help YOU be your best self on stage AND engage with your audience in your own way. 

If you want to be a better communicator, all I ask is that you show up so we can help you show off - authentically. 


Who is this Summit really for?

Public speakers, wannabe speakers & corporate communicators

If you're the kind of person who wants to: 

  • communicate better in everyday conversation
  • add more of YOU into your talk
  • get more engagement from your audience
  • feel more confident on stage
  • get the audience laughing more
  • find your authentic voice in meetings 
  • be a better human being
...then you're in the right place.
Kick it all off with our two full-length pre-summit sessions
How To Be Funny AND Likable
with special guest, Comedian Jason Outlaw
Comedy and likability are the two keys to making an unforgettable impression - whether in front of a big audience or on a Zoom meeting.
Building Your Memorable Story
with special guest, Storyteller Eritria Pitts
We all have stories. But what makes one memorable? The ability to take the audience on an emotional ride from beginning, middle, and end.

LOOK & FEEL confident

in front of your boss, your team, your audience, your church, your class, your kids, your spouse (I mean...) - everywhere.

When you were a smaller human, you wanted to be something great. You had all the confidence in the world to run around, play, dream, and feel safe. But then you had to grow up and the world got smaller. 

What if I told you that you could keep dreaming REALLY big and become the human you always wanted to be? Sharing your message with the world - or your local community - in a way that you could make change happen?

You can! And we have the Summit that will make sure you do just that.

The Set The Stage Summit was created for big-time speakers and wannabe speakers to hone their craft and go bigger with what they want to say.

And when you sign up, you get access to humans who have to do this on a daily basis - from comedians and actors to full-time speakers and storytellers.

You have a message. WE want to make sure you show up as YOU so the humans who need to hear your message will stand up and listen. 

It's up to YOU to show up so we can help you show off.

What happened at the Summit?

After watching the Pre-Summit Sessions, you'll watch the 4 hours of live Summit training in 18 easy-to-watch videos inside the course. Here's the play-by-play how the day went:


  • Grab your ticket & sign into the course
  • Find your most comfy chair
  • Put on your best stretchy pants
  • Find your favorite notebook & pen
  • Pour your favorite drink into a coffee mug (no judgment)


So, you're a speaker, huh?

Scene 1

A session on originality with Comedian Mark Gregory

Scene 2

A session on what makes a great presenter with Acting Teacher, Nate Marble

Scene 3

A session on being you on & off stage with Keynote Speaker, Melanie Spring



Scene 1

A session on bringing your audience to you with Comedian Davine Ker

Scene 2

A session on trusting yourself with Comedian Erin Jackson

Scene 3

With Melanie, Nate & Maggie - we picked 3 people & they get live training!


Live Q&A + shoutouts from the audience


  • Review all your notes
  • Update your current talks
  • Start writing your new talk
  • Practice on your meetings & calls
  • Practice in front of your friends & relatives

Show up & you'll show off

Here are all the sessions for your perusal

Yes, there is even stand-up comedy sketches throughout (from crude to clean.) 

Who You Are Is Your Superpower 
Comedian Mark Gregory
Individuality & originality are the tools that allow you to have an indelible mark on people you encounter or present to. Most importantly, your superpower makes you irreplaceable! 

Alchemizing Anxiety
Actor & Acting Teacher, Nate Marble
What makes people interesting to watch on stage? In a movie? Are there people that you just DON'T like to watch perform? We all have circus rings that we perform in every single day, can we pinpoint our difference in body language, speech patterns, and characteristics between groups that are sending signals? Let's have some discussions and do some exercises to find out! 

Rock Your Personal Brand
Keynote Speaker, Melanie Spring
Your brand is what EVERYONE ELSE is saying about you, NOT what you're saying about yourself. So, how do you make them say what you want? You rock your personal brand on AND off the stage. From how you dress and move your hands to how you market yourself before anyone meets you, you'll want to make sure you have it all on brand.

The Power of Relatability
Comedian Davine Ker
How can you be relatable while standing out? It seems like a paradox at times… Being relatable while showcasing your uniqueness is key to giving value to your audience and bringing them closer to you and the substance of your message. Relatability is a skill and there are habits and tools that will help you cultivate it.

Super Strict Rules For How To Be In The Moment
Comedian Erin Jackson
Trust yourself to engage spontaneously with your audience without the fear of derailing your presentation. Perfection is unattainable and even if it weren’t, it’d be boring.

"All speaking is public speaking whether it's to one person or a thousand." - Roger Love

Who are these crazy awesome experts?

Rocking stages is what we do best.

Your Host, Melanie Spring

Melanie Spring is an international keynote speaker, dynamic emcee, and corporate trainer. She & her Crew travel the world creating branded experiences for humans like you to find your stories, build your confidence, and amplify your voices.

Melanie is your host for the Set The Stage Summit. She walked us through a visualization and gave a session how to own your personal brand on stage and off.

Check her out:
Connect with Melanie: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Comedian Mark Gregory

Comedian Mark Gregory has quickly become one of the rising stars of comedy. His unique ability to perform for churches, corporate events and comedy clubs sets him apart, making him a highly sought after act.

Mark rocked some stand-up comedy live as well as a session on owning your voice.

Check him out:
Connect with Mark: Facebook & Instagram

Comedian Davine Ker

Davine Ker is a trilingual stand-up comedian, multidisciplinary artist, and Moth StorySlam winner who creates art through thought-provoking jokes, unexpected concepts, and unique storytelling. Her stand-up has been featured at Comedy Clubs and Comedy Festivals across the US and all the way up to Canada.

Davine closed out the summit with stand-up comedy live as well as a session on the power of relatability

Check her out:
Connect with Davine: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Actor & Acting Teacher, Nate Marble

Nate Marble is an actor, acting teacher, and voice-over artist. He believes actors' training is the ultimate empathy training and that when people can understand their true Core Character first, they are then empowered in their purpose and able to show empathy more deeply towards others. 

Nate shared a fun story and taught us about core character development in your talk and in yourself.

Check him out:
Connect with Nate:  LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook

Comedian Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson is a comedian and writer based in the NYC area. Her stand-up has been featured on Late Night with Seth Meyers, CONAN, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Comedy Central and she frequently appears as a sports and pop-culture panelist on Buzzfeed News, MSNBC, NFL Network and NPR.

Erin killed (hehe) at stand-up comedy live as well as giving a session on being spontaneous with a structure.

Check her out:
Connect with Erin: Twitter & Instagram

Wanna know what others think about the Summit first?

We get it. We'd want to know, too!

"Speaker training with a twist"
...not the boring, ordinary textbook training that everyone else offers. What a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and perspectives from comedians, performers, coaches and professors. 

The Summit provided many tangible takeaways and ah-ha moments for me. It was a fast-moving, engaging and great way to invest 4 hours in making yourself a better speaker/presenter! ” 
- Julie W. 
"Great experience, interactive with suggestions I could implement immediately!"
- Roberta Hudy, Director of Investor Education
"This was a fantastic opportunity to be in a space with like-minded individuals and gain insight into the process I think we are all craving. 

The format and the featured sessions were spot-on to driving the mindset that we can all be more and we are all right at the point of taking the next steps." - Nikki Devitt, President at Petoskey Regional Chamber
"From insights on embracing the BS gigs and situations, homing my super powers and not stifling myself, to insights and skills on getting more centered and present when speaking to a big crowd or conference call, it was a great experience and filled me up not only with the learning I hoped for, but with motivation and encouragement to personally go bigger!" - Caitlin Clark-Zigmond, Director of Commercial Marketing


Watch at your own pace & keep it forever!

When you sign up for the Summit replay, you get:

  • 6 hours of entertainment AND speaker training
  • 20 short videos to watch at your own pace including:
  • ​5 unique talks & takeaways from stage professionals
  • ​5 comedy bits by professional comedians
  • ​3 story sessions by professional storytellers
  • ​3 live training sessions with real audience members
  • ​2 full-length pre-summit sessions on comedy & story
  • ​Live Q&A session with speakers
  • ​Live shoutouts from audience members
  • ​Lifetime access to all of entertainment & talks
I hope your cheek muscles have been worked out recently...
because this is the funniest summit you'll ever watch. Be ready! 

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